Garland Fund

The intent of this scholarship is to provide an opportunity for local students with academic aspirations to attend summer programs that will encourage and enhance their intellectual growth.

Who May Apply
This scholarship is open to all students enrolled in the Deer Isle-Stonington High School and Middle School (rising 6th to 12th graders).  Students must identify and meet the criteria for admission to a summer program that has clear academic/educational value.  Examples include, but are not limited to music/theater/dance camps, science programs, summer school at academic institutions and internships with community service organizations.  One or two scholarships will be awarded during any given year.  Prior recipients may not reapply.

How To Apply
Applications are available from the Island Education Foundation, which administers the Garland Scholarship Program. Download the application, or pick it up at the school counselor’s office.  Applicants are expected to provide:

  • A description of the proposed program.
  • Costs of the proposed program.
  • An essay outlining the student’s interest in the program and qualifications for seeking this scholarship.

Application materials must be submitted by April 5th and the recipient(s) will be announced in mid April.

How Recipients Are Chosen
The Island Education Foundation reserves the right to select the recipient(s) based on multiple criteria, some of which include:

  • Prior experiences: preference will be given to students who have not had prior opportunities for summer study.
  • Merit: this scholarship is intended for serious students who have aspirations for education beyond high school and who wish to pursue educational opportunities not offered by the Island school system.
  • Financial need: although this scholarship is granted for reasons of merit, if equally well qualified candidates apply preference will be given to students who could not otherwise afford this experience.
  • An interview may be requested.

Dr. and Mrs. Garland will be pleased to maintain connections with Island students.  Recipients of this scholarship are expected to write a thank you note to the Garlands at the end of the summer describing their experience.  This note should be mailed to the Island Education Foundation and it will be forwarded to the Garlands.